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7001 with 7012-S card basic troubleshooting

7001, 7002 and Switch Cards
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7001 with 7012-S card basic troubleshooting

Post by acamp1 » February 16th, 2012, 9:37 am

I have never used this device before but am trying to do a simple task. I have a 7012-S card installed in Card 1 slot. I have attached 5 V to the connecting wires of row 1 from the back (the only row with wires installed in screw terminal). I am using a Fluke Multimeter to read voltage at card 1 row 1 column 1 (the Fluke is connected to corresponding wires from back). I select channel 1!1!1 on front panel, close channel, but no voltage is read on Fluke. I have tried reading voltage at every other channel, but do not read 5 V anywhere. I wonder if there is some basic fundamental thing I am missing or if there is something wrong with the card. I have another 7012-S installed in Card 2 but this has no connecting wires installed.

Dale C
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Re: 7001 with 7012-S card basic troubleshooting

Post by Dale C » February 17th, 2012, 5:33 am

If you apply 5V to row 1 HI and LO and then close 1!1!1 and connect a voltmeter to column 1 HI and LO then you should read 5V on the meter.
That is it.
No other settings required.

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