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Intergrating LCR/IV testing

7001, 7002 and Switch Cards
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Intergrating LCR/IV testing

Post by cpthomp » September 25th, 2013, 8:02 am

Hi, I have a Keithley 2400 SMU and a HP LCR meter that I use for I-V and C-V measurements of devices in a cryostat.

Currently, I have a set of test leads for both the SMU and LCR that are plugged into the cryostat (probes to sample are the same for both measurements), but I'd like to integrate/automate the measurements. Would a model 7001 switching system be appropriate for this? I only need 4 shielded inputs (I+,V+,I-,V-) for both systems, so 8 wires in, 4 wires to the test system.

I am also concerned about lengths of un-shielded conductor in the circuit path that would interfere with the capacitance measurements.

Does this seem like a reasonable use of th the 7001, or would another system be more appropriate?



Dale C
Keithley Applications
Keithley Applications
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Re: Intergrating LCR/IV testing

Post by Dale C » September 25th, 2013, 11:52 am

The Model 7001 with a 7011-S card should help.
The Model 7011-S is a quad 1x10 multiplexer.
So you could actually have the 4 terminals into 10 different devices.
Maybe more than you need but this should do the job.
By the way the bandwidth on the 7011-S is 2MHz.

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