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7173-50 switch card configuration in KCON

707, 708 and Switch Cards
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7173-50 switch card configuration in KCON

Post by gaoligang » July 21st, 2015, 3:11 pm


In KCON, I add 707/707A switch matrix, but I could not find the 7173-50 switch card, which was installed in our 707B matrix. There is 7071, 7072 and 7174, see attached. How to add 7173-50 as my card, When I select 7071 or 7072, I can not validate the configuration.

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Andrea C
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Re: 7173-50 switch card configuration in KCON

Post by Andrea C » September 29th, 2015, 8:09 am


You are right, that particular card is not available in the drop down lists.

I advise to just - any of the available cards. Then make configuration entries for the rows corresponding to how you connect the SMU or other resources to the matrix card rows. Keep in mind that your 7153-50 card has only 4 rows (rather than 8).

You also need to create a KCON entry for a prober and indicate the number of Pins/Positioners. If you do not have an actual prober, then select FAKE Prober as the model. For a single 7153-50 card, indicate that you have 12 pins corresponding to the 12 columns on this matrix card.

Back on the matrix card config, make sure that you fill in the prober pin numbers for the Columns.

Matrix card model number may fail if you validate the configuration in KCON, but this should not affect the ability to use the matrix card.

In KITE and with the ConnectPins user module, simply provide the measurement resource (SMU1 for example) for the TermIdStr and the Pin number that you want it connected to. The software will know how to translate SMUx to the specific matrix row based upon the card configuration entry in KCON.

NOTE: for the 707B mainframe, be sure to configure it to use the 707A command set as outlined in section 4 of the 707B User Manual (menu>DDC>Enable>70xA-VERSION).


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