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PA1000 best method

PA1000, PA3000, PA4000
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PA1000 best method

Post by [email protected] » June 16th, 2016, 10:07 am


I am having trouble determining what method is best for measuring the power usage of an oscillating load. I have used both the IEC standby power test because it averages power over a time period and creates a report. I have also used the integrator mode to measure continuous power and the results are about 11 W lower than the IEC standby test. I have run both methods multiple times with the same result. Is the integrator method the more accurate and correct way to measure an oscillating load or is there another reason for the discrepancy in results?

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Re: PA1000 best method

Post by Stuart M » June 17th, 2016, 6:24 am

It depends on what you want to measure.

If you are looking for WHr (Integration) measurements, you should use the Integration mode. Standby power test is specifically designed for IEC62301 testing which extrapolates the power data based on the test methods detailed in the standard. If you are trying to measure standby power, you should use IEC62301 test.

For either method, set the Power Analyzer in manual range. This is very important for oscillating load. If you are not sure what range to choose, run the device under test under normal conditions and enable peak measurements (Apk) to see the maximum peak load value. Select a range higher than your peak value.

You should also turn off the auto-zero from system configuration when testing for energy consumption. You can still enable the averaging in Integration mode. You can do so on the Measure tab ribbon on the top in PWRVIEW software.

Let us know if you have questions.

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