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Efficiency measurement

PA1000, PA3000, PA4000
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Efficiency measurement

Post by velinr » September 25th, 2018, 5:26 am


I have two questions:
1. We have PA1000 and DC electronic load. We want to measure the efficiency of a power adapter directly in PWRVIEW software. I can see how it's done in the app notes using PA3000 or 4000. But is it possible with two PA1000? Does the PWRVIEW support this?
2. Since the DC load (2380-120-60) has power measurement accuracy of 0.4%, is it possible to be used for measurement/calculation of efficiency, using only one PA1000 (is the accuracy enough)? Is there any software (besides NI Labview) which can use data from both PA1000 and DC Load to calculate efficiency?

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