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DSA 71254 Getting started with LabVIEW communications

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DSA 71254 Getting started with LabVIEW communications

Post by CarlosC » August 27th, 2020, 3:06 pm

Can someone give me the details on what I need to configure/install on the Spectrum Analyzer as well as on the windows PC?

I have installed the NI driver for the SA (Tektronix 7000 Series Oscilloscope,Analyzer), and am using LabVIEW 2018 64 bit.
I have set up a windows TCP/IPv4 address on the scope, it is on the same subnet as the control computer. I can
ping the scope from the control PC.

I can't connect to it using NI-MAX, getting this error when I try to add the device:
Insufficient location information or device or resource is not present in the system 0xBFFF0011.txt

I also can't connect to it through LabVIEW, where I get the error:
The given session or object reference is invalid -1073807346
when I try to open communications using VISA Open function with TCPIP:: as the instrument

There is a tek utility on the SA (OpenChoice desktop) that has an address configured to GPIB::8::INST (something like that)
but I couldn't see a way to change that one's address to ethernet, perhaps if I'd had a mouse attached to the scope I could have?

There's no NI or LabVIEW software installed on the SA unless it was factory installed, so it might be running
TekVISA. The control PC doesn't have TekVISA and I want to use the provided driver, which I think uses NI
VISA VIs. Do I need to install TekVISA?

I know LabVIEW well and am experienced with controlling instruments. I don't know anything about connecting
to Tektronix instruments. Do I need to use the OpenChoice desktop tool and TekVISA on my controller PC? Will that
play well with NI-VISA? Can I control, or do I need to control which VISA I use per instrument? If I have different
versions of TekVISA on my controller and instrument, will that be ok?


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