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TDS784C Acquisition error / weak CRT

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TDS784C Acquisition error / weak CRT

Post by RandallKC » November 11th, 2018, 7:18 pm

Hello everyone,

I purchased a used Tektronix TDS784C It had a bad CRT "washed out and dim" and it also has a acquisition error.

I have fixed the CRT with my Sencore CR700 rejuvenation box. Looks awesome!
however I am stuck with acquisition errors.

What I have noticed.

Channel 2 seems to have a noise on it. All the rest of the channels show back ground noise and channel two shows a wave form.
I also get "ERROR!!digHFStepDiag 198"
"ERROR!BHTE mode in demux 198"

I already pulled and re-soldered the relays on the attenuation boards.

I am a total newbie with these scopes. I barley know how to use the menus on this thing.
Any ideas on what I should check next?

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