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MSO4104B-L Front Panel Buttons Non-Responsive

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MSO4104B-L Front Panel Buttons Non-Responsive

Post by oo0oo0oo0oo7 » January 30th, 2019, 11:40 am

My MSO4104B-L Oscilloscope has a problem where none of the scope's front panel buttons respond to being pressed. The scope turns on when the AC cord is plugged and not when the power button is pressed. It passes the test on power-up. The LCD and the probes are functioning.

The scope does not have any light indicator on the power button, but the other ones are emitted as per usual.

I looked into the front panel board and main board and there were no obvious hardware issues or their connections.

I have tried to force install the same firmware and the problem still persists. I have access to VISA and can write commands to the scope successfully. I ran the self test and the following things failed:

Front Panel

Before I send this in for repairs, has anyone had a similar problem and a solution they can share? Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

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