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DPO4034b Simultaneous Data Streaming from Channels

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DPO4034b Simultaneous Data Streaming from Channels

Post by treyoshi » July 20th, 2020, 1:21 pm

Apologies in advance, I am new to VISA control of Oscilloscopes and trying to determine if what I want to do is even possible. Essentially, I want to have different test setups connected to the different channels on my DPO4023b scope. I then want to have application on PC that is independently streaming data from the channels, with data collection turning on/off repeatedly for each channel, but not guaranteed to be at the same time. The idea is a test runs for a period of time on channel 1, and at the end of the test I save the data. Channel 2 is running a different test, and same I want to save the data at the end (repeat). But ideally channel 1 and 2 could both be doing this and not be synced in their start/stop restart cycles. Is this type of work even possible with the VISA commands? Will I have to stream the data for all 4 channels out and create my own buffer/parsing system? Appreciate any tips you have to get me started on this. I just recently found the programmers manual for this series. Thanks!


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