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Power Failure during Firmware Upgrade - MSO3000 series MSO3014

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Power Failure during Firmware Upgrade - MSO3000 series MSO3014

Post by Macgeee » September 15th, 2020, 12:49 am

I was uploading a new version of firmware to my MSO3014 and it lost power during the update (despite it being plugged into what was labelled as a UPS and as luck would have it cleaning up on the other side of the room triggered the RCD and power was lost to the MSO3000).

Anyways... the downside is that the unit will not power up when pressing the power button.

I got a quote to repair from where we get it calibrated and it was $6,700. That is a buy another scope price! I would like to stay with the Tektronix if I can.

I have seen a reference to there being a way to do a partial teardown to get it reload the firmware. I have looked at teardown videos and there is a "CPU POWER" and a "GLOBAL RESET" button.
Screen-Shot-2020-09-14-at-5.31.04-pm.jpg (271.84 KiB) Viewed 21 times
Does anyone have experience resurrecting the MSO3000 from a failed firmware upload state?

Does anyone have experience using these buttons?

Thanks in advance.

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