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AFG3101 arbitrary - amplitude scale

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AFG3101 arbitrary - amplitude scale

Post by dirkson » March 17th, 2015, 5:59 am


I use the ArbExpress and the signal generator AFG3101.

I had create to signals:
0.01*Sin(w) + 0.01*rnd()

3.The aim: With an amplitude of 1Vpp, I want to get:
1. sin wave with amp=1Vpp
2. sin wave with amp=1Vpp + 1Vpp*noise

4. The problem is, that with the second wave form, the function generator scale the signal to a maximum of 1Vpp. That is the reason, that I dont get: sin wave with amp=1Vpp + 1Vpp*noise.
For example I get: sin wave with amp=0.5Vpp + 0.5Vpp*noise.

5. Is there the possibility to solve this? Can I set the amplitude value fixed in ArbExpress?

6. How can I include a - in the "Post a new Topic" window?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


Carl M
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Re: AFG3101 arbitrary - amplitude scale

Post by Carl M » March 25th, 2015, 2:25 pm

1. OK
2. OK
3. OK
4. Correct, the Add Noise feature of the AFG works this way. This is by design and is mentioned in the User Manual. Can you not just double your AFGs amplitude setting?
5. does proposed solution in 4 satisfy your needs? if no, why?
6. forum image uploads were disabled due to abuse. participation in Tektronix Community Support Forums is voluntary. i'd rather help with product information than spending my time deleting images. you are welcome to use a thrid-party image host if you find it absolutely necessary and you still abide by the forum rules.
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