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AFG1022 Shorter pulse width than 0.1% of the duty cycle?

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AFG1022 Shorter pulse width than 0.1% of the duty cycle?

Post by hiarashi » June 15th, 2016, 5:34 am


I have a need for two separate signals, one a 10Hz pulse on CH1 and the other a synchronous pulse sent every 3 to 5 seconds from CH2. This is easily achieved just using the pulse function form and sending the PHASE:INITIATE command, but the pulse width for the lower frequency pulse ends up as 4ms, as per the 0.1% of the duty cycle limit.

A workaround that I found was to create a arbitrary function, that only has a single point set to the desired voltage out of the 8000, which results in a approximately 400-600us pulse width. This, however, brings about a new problem in that the signals have a difference in their phase, even if the signals are resynchronised using the same command that in the other case works just fine. The phase difference is present if the other function is of pulse form, but also if it uses the same arbitrary function as the other one. This puzzles me, since they should sync up nicely, since they do if the function form is pulse and they aren't that different from that case.

The only way I got rid of it using the arbitrary functions was to have both functions have exactly the same period of time, thus if I created a 10Hz function form the same length as the other one, I could use this to shorten the pulses, but since the time of the less frequent pulses is not always constant, this solution seems like a hassle.

Is this behaviour the result of some kind of approximation difference between the arbitrary functions or what could be causing it?

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