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My AFG3021 died. Firmware update gone wrong :-(

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My AFG3021 died. Firmware update gone wrong :-(

Post by Analogrf » January 27th, 2018, 7:14 am

I got this AFG3021 with FW 1.0.4 Sept 2005 at home (my hobby Lab) and yesterday I tried to update the firmware through the USB flash. I tried 3-4 usb flashes I had around (all >=8GB) and with FAT32 format and none of them worked. They were not recognized and the generator could not read or write to them. However, at some point when a USB flash was in there (with FW on its root) I turned on the generator. It booted up normally and got to the first generator screen (with sine wave showing etc...) but hanged! Would not respond to keys and there was no message on screen. After 30-40 seconds or so I decided to turn it off and on again :-(
Unfortunately it didn't boot anymore and has died completely now. As soon as the power is turned on, all LEDs on the panel light up and the screen is turned on but blank white (well more like blank pinkish color) and sits there. I tried to connect it to computer from the USB on the rear side but there is nothing in there. computer would not even make the connection sound.

Please please somebody help me out here. What can I do to restore this lovely signal generator? Is there any way I can re-flash the memory on board through something like ICSP or any other way? I am even ready to buy and replace the flash memory chip(s) if that is possible or get them blank and program them and then solder them on board. anything that can be done?


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