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old vs new P6245, scopes don't like the old

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old vs new P6245, scopes don't like the old

Post by labrat57 » July 5th, 2017, 1:33 am

I'm trying to use old P6245 probes (40V-max, dark grey/medium grey body, ####aaa sn's like '2000BPQ') with an older TDS7154, v2.5.3 2004 FW.
Both old probes are working fine with a 1103 external TekProbe power supply.
My newer P6245's work fine (15V-max, light grey bodies, B01#### sn).
Both fail with "The probe attached to CH_ requires support features not provided by this oscilloscope".
I don't have an older TekProbe scope (500/600) to try them on.
I assume that the EEPROM is being read and the scopes FW doesn't like it, but why? What can be done about it (rewrite the EEPROM with the new format copied from a B01#### probe?).

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