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TEK P6139A compensation circuit query

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TEK P6139A compensation circuit query

Post by trobbins » August 15th, 2020, 5:46 am

I was just tracing out the 500MHz passive 10x probe P6139A compensation circuit and I'm wondering if there is an extra component part located under the pcb, given that capacitor C4 and trimmer cap appear to have no function, or their function is to trim across an inductance or very low resistance part located under the pcb.

One other photo on the internet shows part designations, so I have added them in. I can't easily do any more testing of the parts other than with an ohmmeter. The red C3 trimmer cap is externally adjustable. The other trimmer cap, and two trimpots are not externally adjustable without removing the plastic coverings, and I expect would be for compensating different length probe cables.

Any ideas? Ciao, Tim
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