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Problems with A6302xl current probes

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Problems with A6302xl current probes

Post by TückiAptiv » July 9th, 2020, 7:20 am

Hello everybody!
I have a problem with a current A6302XL probe.
If I connect it to the AM5030S amplifier and try to degauss it, the error 588 appears on the display.
Does anyone here know where the failure could be. Everything works with a different current probe, so the error is not due to the amplifier.
Since the A6302XL is no longer being repaired by Tektronix, I would like to repair it by myself and it would be good, if I know what might be defective and which spare parts I need.

A further current probe A6302XL has another problem. The zero point fluctuates. Even if I have degauss, the zero point has shifted after a short time. My idea is to make one of these two probes and I want to know which parts are probably still working.

Thank in advance for the answers!
Volker :D

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