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TDS 420A firmware help, please.

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TDS 420A firmware help, please.

Post by eurgenca » September 17th, 2021, 6:57 am

My first visit at this forum and I say hello to all users.

I got tek TDS420A with all LED's on.
At first startup I smell caps. In PS i found 1 bad cap and replaced it. I check all other cap's and looks O.K.
DSP battery was empty and replaced.
So PS running and all voltages are good.
Then I check 27K smd resistor on CPU board for reset and it is o.k.
On led diplay on cpu board it stops at "-" so cpu clearly running.
It is time to build console adapter and here is the problem:

Bootrom Header Checksum passed.
Bootrom Total Checksum passed.
BootRom Check Sum passed.
Bus Error Timeout test passed.
Bus Error Write to Bootrom passed.
GPIB Test passed.
Kernel Diagnostics Complete.

Calling SDM (monitor) Routine.

SDM (monitor) not enabled.
Enabling Bus Control register. Value = 0x2
Flashrom Programming Voltage is OFF.
Flashrom DSACK and JumpCode test passed.
Invalid Flashrom Body checksum = 0x9115, should be 0x9105

Flashrom Checksum test failed.
Cannot transfer control to Flashrom.
Transferring control to the SDM (monitor).

Can someone help me to resolve this problem.
I suppose firmware is corrupted, but I can't find firmware on net.
So if someone have firmware files and tell me how to flash this scope I'll be very glad.


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Re: TDS 420A firmware help, please.

Post by strick » September 22nd, 2021, 12:00 pm

attached is the TDS400A series firmware V1.0.2. You unzip, copy the files to a floppy and use GPIB to address the scope. there is a verify tool also.

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