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TPS 2024 Acquisition CH1 CH2 FAILED

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TPS 2024 Acquisition CH1 CH2 FAILED

Post by TEKTRONIX2021 » October 21st, 2021, 4:34 am


I own TPS 2024 and during startup procedure it reports Acquisition CH1 CH2 FAILED. I found out that CH2 has some problems with zero (POSITION - vertical offset) setting. If I set zero to -1V it is -0.8V, if i set to zero to -2 offset is -1,7V,... and opposite on positive side. If I set to +1V offset is 0,8V, if I set to +2V offset is 1.7V,... Channel 1,3,5 are okay.

Does anybody have TPS2024 schematics or any idea what to check?

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Re: TPS 2024 Acquisition CH1 CH2 FAILED

Post by Imh0tek » November 6th, 2021, 3:16 pm

I have basically the same issue with my TDS 2024B. It fails the start-up diagnositics for both CH1&CH2 and CH3&CH4 acquisition. The real-time static traces are DC offset by differing levels on each channel. I also discovered that changing the vertical deflection (1V, 500mV, etc.) resulted in varying levels of offset occuring. Inconsistent offset tracking, but repeatable. It didn't matter whether DC coupling or AC is selected - same offset issue, always negative below the Ground (X-axis) with an active but static trace. With an active waveform displayed I honestly don't trust what is being displayed but I don't have another scope to compare.

Could this be related to the Power Supply issue that others have discussed?

Did you get any feedback or find any help on your issues. If so, I would really appreciate the share.

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