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2440 CCD failure

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2440 CCD failure

Post by bstascheit » July 31st, 2022, 2:24 pm

My most beloved 2440 recently stopped working at short horizontal rates. It started with seeing spikes in the displayed curves when going below 1µs/div and ended up with a self test fail saying CCD failure. I searched the net and found quite some comments from others facing similar same issue.
I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7g_nBs9fSM that talks about checking clock signals on Q460. I checked on mine and found that indeed at 100ns/div the clock is gone.
I tried to understand the issue by looking at the schematic, but when checking the service manuals I have I found that there is no schematic that includes Q460. Parts of the A10 board are not shown in the servie manual's schematic section. May be I am blind but I need to ask whether anyone has a complete set of schematic for the A10 board that can be shard with me.
And I'd also like to ask whether anyone faces/faced a similar failure on its 2440.


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Re: 2440 CCD failure

Post by greenhillHW » August 5th, 2022, 3:07 pm

Greetings bstascheit,
Here are the 2440 service manual pages which cover Q460, the output of which drives CCD/Clock Driver chips U350 (ch2) and U450 (ch1).
The base of Q460 is driven from U470 on the first schematic page.

2440 Oscilloscope Service Manual CCD Clock.pdf
(476.09 KiB) Downloaded 2 times

I am working on a Tek 2432 which is also having CCD 7000 test failure issues. On my scope, ch2 is very noisy with 1 - 3 divisions of noise.
Ch1 is almost normal, but noisier than a Tek 2430 and 2440 I've used in the past.

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