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Tek 2212 calibration mode

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Tek 2212 calibration mode

Post by crg206 » May 8th, 2017, 2:14 pm

Gentlemen, this is my first forum submission. I am retired after 35 years servicing x-ray equipment. Along the way I collected a few O'scopes. Tek 434, 464, 2212, 2230, and a few Hitachi's. All scopes are used at the hobby level.
I have an issue with the 2212. The trace DC balance needs adjusting. When the V/Div selector is changed, the grounded trace drops 2/10th , then 3/10th, then 4/10th divisions.
Other scopes have a balance adjust pot somewhere. The balance adjustment on the 2212 is done via a calibration menu on the CRT.
Problem: I cannot bring up the calibration menu.
In the service manual, under Vertical Adjustments/Adjust Balance, instructions read " place cal jumper in cal position, wait for calibration menu on CRT screen." "select Balance to GO"
What I do.
1: Scope power on, normal trace and readouts, move cal jumper, "calibration enabled" flashes, then ....nothing, normal trace and readouts. Wait forever...no change.
2: Scope power off, move cal jumper, scope power on, crosshatch pattern on CRT. Wait, no change. Rotate V/Div one click, crosshatch replaced by normal trace and readouts, "calibration enabled" flashes, then ....nothing, normal trace and readouts. Wait forever...no change.
I am requesting your thoughts and comments. Thanks for your efforts.
crosshatch pattern
crosshatch.jpg (71.12 KiB) Viewed 8569 times
calibration enabled flashes
calenabled.jpg (46.36 KiB) Viewed 8569 times

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Re: Tek 2212 calibration mode

Post by gonzalem » February 24th, 2018, 9:55 am

Hello crg206,

I came here with your very same question after facing the same problem; well, I just wanted to calibrate the display, I just got this scope second hand.

I read most of the service manual, googled a lot, and still, I could not figure it out. So I decided to put the calibration on hold (it was actually not that bad, the worst problem was a slightly tilted trace that I could fix manually rotating the pot on the back using the lattice you posted) and decided to play with the ports.

But, somehow I could not put it to rest (defeated by the machine I suppose...) I started pressing buttons by pairs and some funny things started to happen (for instance the Z and SLOPE buttons on the TRIGGER menu change the coupling on channel 1) and then I realized that when you click the RECALL and HOLD buttons on the STORAGE controls at the same time you get a message on the screen "Hardcopy started on parallel port". And if you look at the interface it makes sense: there is a PRNSCR (print screen) text right below these two buttons.

Then I got the breakthrough; if you look a bit more to the right you have a text that says MENU under the SAVE and RECALL buttons on the SETUP menu. I pushed them both at the same time (with the jumper in CAL mode, of course) and I got the calibration screen.

You can see the image below; after you get the screen the rest is pretty obvious.

I was beginning to think there was no way to get to this calibration menu. Once you know it, it seems obvious, I guess that's what they thought when they wrote the manual.

Anyway, it's worthwhile removing the case just to see how premium quality everything is, they don't products like these anymore.

I hope this is useful for your purposes, and if you already figure it out yourself it might be useful for others.


tek2212_cal_screen1.jpg (573.16 KiB) Viewed 5831 times

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Seeks complete Tek-2212 svc. manual with cal info etc.

Post by cpertchik » June 3rd, 2018, 5:41 pm

Looking for a complete Tek-2212 service manual with schematics, calibration instructions etc. Plenty of downloads are available but none of them are complete. Much thanks in advance for any hints or clues.

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