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THS720 display

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THS720 display

Post by mdiack » April 27th, 2018, 3:58 pm

After a year or so of sitting unused, I pulled out my THS720 for a job. Found there was a roughly circular area occupying over 50% of the centre of the screen which was indistinct and unreadable. There was no physical damage to the screen. Found this could be delamination of the polariser layers but on dismantling, this was not the case - the bad area was within the actual LCD sandwich. Clearly a new display was needed. There are various Ebay vendors offering replacement screens so I bought one. What I received was an LM32P101, not an LM32P10. This did not work, I just got a plain grey screen. Verified signals through the ribbon cable were still good by subbing in the old screen. Anyone know if this is simply a bad screen or if the 10 and 101 are incompatible.

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