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TDS510A Acquisition Fail

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TDS510A Acquisition Fail

Post by cedric » December 26th, 2018, 1:01 pm


I have a TDS510A with diagnostic log error (see also photo):

acqMemAddr **addr=0x7300000 exp data =0x101 actual....

acqmemdata **addr=0x7320000 exp data =0x5555 actual....

vertAttenShiftReg **exp data=0 actual=1 for bit #31....

knowing that I've changed all the capacitors, verified all the traces below these capacitors (all were OK), verified that all capacitor had good voltage across, and read identical forum without founding a solution, here are my questions:

How can I do to see the whole message on the screen after actual.....?

Is it a problem of memory? As I understood on several discussion it could be U201 of multiplexer A but not sure...on other forum that was not the solution...

Could somebody help me to find the problem?


20181226_214942_resized.jpg (355.47 KiB) Viewed 51 times

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