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465 Has No Trace.

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465 Has No Trace.

Post by Nesher » July 8th, 2020, 2:57 pm


First post here. I saw that this has been discussed a couple of times, but i didn’t see any solutions.

I just got this scope yesterday. It tuns on, and everything “seems” To be ok, except it has no trace, and the Beam Finder does nothing. I’ve checked all the TP’s. All the voltages are not perfect, but reasonably within specs. I’ve checked them all but the 2500V because I do not have a high voltage probe. Both fuses are ok. I reseated some transistors, but it didn’t help. Visually nothing appears to be burned or cracked. The HV section was kinda dark with heat marks, but that’s not unusual. Although it did seem a little more that what I usually see. After a cleaning nothing was charred or blistered.

Could use some help here...

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