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Time to import .wfm file - AWG5014c

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Time to import .wfm file - AWG5014c

Post by mdschroer » August 7th, 2013, 1:41 pm


My typical usage case for my AWG5014c involves loading a long sequence of waveforms and stepping through each, while measuring the response of a system to these waveforms. In order to vary two waveform parameters I find myself wanting to quickly load multiple sequences of waveforms. This process often ends up being the rate limiting step in the measurements I am trying to perform.

I have worked to optimize the total throughput. My current workflow is:

1) build .wfm files on the host computer - a separate file for each of 100-200 different waveforms
2) copy the files over to the AWG via a Gbit lan connection
3) send a SCPI command to the AWG to tell it to import all the different .wfm files into different sequence steps on the arb

I find that steps 1) and 2) above happen very quickly, maybe a couple of seconds at most, while the last step takes minutes. Is there something silly that I'm doing here? Does anyone know a faster way to do this?

Thanks for any help!


*Edit* - mistakenly wrote 10 Gbit lan!

Carl M
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Re: Time to import .wfm file - AWG5014c

Post by Carl M » August 20th, 2013, 10:36 am

how many samples are in your waveforms? how many sequences do you have? how many sequences do you use per test?
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