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AWG70K MATLAB ICT Send Waveform Example

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Grant B
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Tektronix Applications
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AWG70K MATLAB ICT Send Waveform Example

Post by Grant B » March 6th, 2014, 11:19 am

Code: Select all

%% Waveform Sample Data Calculation - Pure Matlab
freq = 10;
per = 1/freq;
cycles = 100;
SR = 100;
t = 0:1/SR:cycles*per-1/SR;
w = freq*2*pi;
a = sin(1/freq*pi*t);
y = single(a.*sin(w*t));
waveform_data = y;

%% Opening VISA Session
visa_vendor = 'ni';
visa_address = 'TCPIP::';
buffer = 1024*4*10;
awg = visa(visa_vendor, visa_address, 'OutputBuffer', buffer);

%% Funtional Check
fwrite(awg, '*cls')
fwrite(awg, '*rst')

%% Pretest Error Check

%% Waveform Send
waveform_name = 'test';
delete_waveform = sprintf('wlist:waveform:delete "%s"', waveform_name);
header = sprintf('#%d%d',length(num2str(length(waveform_data))), 4*length(waveform_data));
create_waveform = sprintf('wlist:waveform:new "%s", %d', waveform_name, length(waveform_data));
write_waveform_binblock = sprintf('wlist:waveform:data "%s", %s', waveform_name, header);
end_line = 10;
assign_waveform_ch1 = sprintf('source1:waveform "%s"', waveform_name);

fwrite(awg, delete_waveform);
fwrite(awg, create_waveform);
fwrite(awg, write_waveform_binblock);
fwrite(awg, waveform_data, 'single');
fwrite(awg, end_line);
fwrite(awg, assign_waveform_ch1);

%% Post Test Error Check

%% End VISA session

Carl M
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Tektronix Applications
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Re: AWG70K MATLAB ICT Send Waveform Example

Post by Carl M » September 4th, 2014, 11:07 am

found a bug

Code: Select all

header = sprintf('#%d%d',length(num2str(length(waveform_data))), 4*length(waveform_data));
should be:

Code: Select all

header = sprintf('#%d%d',length(num2str(4*length(waveform_data))), 4*length(waveform_data));
personally i'd add a line and variable to improve readability

Code: Select all

waveform_bytes = length(waveform_data) * 4;
header = sprintf('#%d%d', length(num2str(waveform_bytes)), waveform_bytes);
Tektronix Application Engineer

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