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PG502 & 015-0249-00 Risetime Limiter

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Dean Huster
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PG502 & 015-0249-00 Risetime Limiter

Post by Dean Huster » September 4th, 2014, 11:45 am

I have little hope of ever finding the 015-0249-00 risetime limiter for the PG502 and if I do, the clown who has it will probably want 20 times the original catalog price. I would be very happy if someone could copy or scan a copy of the data sheet for this device so that I could make one from scratch. I suspect that it's nothing but a low-pass filter with a really high cutoff frequency, designed to knock the sharp edges off the fast pulse the FG502 output. It's required because the FG502 edges are too fast to be recognized by TTL clocked logic.

Or if you have one you're willing to sell for a reasonable price, I"m interested.

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