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TG501 Repair

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TG501 Repair

Post by Krischu » January 31st, 2015, 5:37 am

I acquired a PM501 with some modules, among others a TG501 - Time Mark Generator (old style).
The TG501 has some trouble. One of the FDN70 Fairchild 7 segment chips (the right one) has a dead segment, lowest one, so, an 8 appears a "A".

I ordered a replacement part on the Internet (hopefully exchangeable, a FDN 367).

What I would like to know is more of mechanical nature about this module:

The mounting of the two PC-boards makes me scratching my head. The control board is mounted or held by aluminum "lugs" which have contact to the - hopefully ground holes but there are some PCB traces passing around these lugs which come so close that one has to be afraid they might get in contact to the mounting.

Are there any isolating washers which may be missing on my module?

Also I noticed that the hex stubs are too short to allow the multiplier board getting fastened to these bolts.

The multiplier board wasn't mounted at all. Are there any additional washers or distance holders. A closeup photo of the mounting of the two boards would be very helpful. Anyone out there who could help me with that?

Thanks in advance,


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