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TLA721 with XP SP3 randomly hangs during startup.

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TLA721 with XP SP3 randomly hangs during startup.

Post by EduardGede » October 4th, 2019, 12:46 pm

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I am playing around with a TLA721.
Installed XP SP3 with V5.1SP1 application.(fresh)
Installed the TLA-PCI bridge driver.
Disabled hybernation in XP.
Enabled APM in XP(so xp shutsdown correctly)
Enabled power button service pbsrv-i (convenient)
Enabled multimonitor Silicone Motion in bios V1.0.0.2
Hooked up 1 monitor to the primary VGA output.

Every time when I start or restart the TLA mainframe randomly the system starts normal, system takes a long time to start or systems hangs itself.

If 2 monitors are hooked up, problem ratio even higher.

Tektronix Document 061-4252-00 talks about this issue under W2K.
It seposibly has to do with the video drivers. ,!!

Currently the 82815 driver version Intel(latest version according Intel)
Currently SM720 driver version 5.1.2001.0 Mirosoft(came with XP)

Downloadlink referred in the manual is not valid anymore, as I am unable to locate it on tek.com.

SO I would like to find out which version are needed to solve this issue.
Is there someone out there that has an original installed TLA721 for checking versions.

Second scenario I tested the W2K.
1 monitor all fine.
2 monitors give the same issue.

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