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Tektronix 494 Spectrum Analyzer?

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Tektronix 494 Spectrum Analyzer?

Post by JamesButler » September 19th, 2021, 11:30 pm

Noisy Fan Repair

My fan was making a loud buzzing noise. When turned on the hub is pushed back into the fan assembly say 3/16th of an inch by air pressure. When off, the fan spins freely in its forward position but not so freely when it is pushed back 3/16th of an inch.

If I place a small 1/4X1/16 Neodymium disk magnet to within 1/8th of an inch of the center hub of the fan then turned the fan on, the hub stays in its' forward position and no more buzz…

I took a 2 inch by 1/8th inch diameter wire and bent a ring on one end and slipped two of these magnets into the ring and glued in place (two magnets to make one stronger magnet). At the other end of the wire I made another small loop for a securing screw that I ran through an unused screw hole on the side frame near the fan. The wire was then bent to center the magnets at the center of the hub, 1/8th inch off the face. I think the wire I used was actually a lead free solder for plumbing, very malleable but not as soft as lead.

No more buzz… No obvious downside but certainly not tested to 21 GHz either.

I’m not a RF guy so I can’t say if a strong magnetic field located near the fan will cause a performance hit. For certain the fan vibration was a problem. If you know this is a bad idea please respond to this post so that others are not mislead. Strictly hobby for me.

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