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GPIB Control of RSA6114 using External GPIB Controller

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GPIB Control of RSA6114 using External GPIB Controller

Post by bfitzmai » May 10th, 2011, 2:12 pm

I am trying to communicate with a RSA6114A using a National Instruments GPIBENET/100 Controller. The RSA6114A has an application called TekVisa installed along with a few National Instruments Applications like NISpy...

According to the user manual, all I have to do to use an external GPIB Controller is select Tools---> Options---->GPIB and modify the GPIB Address (Default = 1) to something other than 1. I have tried this. When I communicate through the GPIBENET/100 Controller, the controller sees the GPIB Address of the RSA6114A (I set it to 18). But, when sending a *IDN? command (I get no errors on the send), I do not get a response from the RSA. So I though the device was set to "Listen Only". I sent the *CAL command. This should have started the Calibration Routine. Nothing happened on the RSA. So my question is, "What am I missing?" It looks lo me like the RSA is trying to be a GPIB Controller... If this is true, how do I shut it off?

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Re: GPIB Control of RSA6114 using External GPIB Controller

Post by Carl M » May 19th, 2011, 12:37 pm

Well, I have a National Instruments PCI-GPIB adapter in the lab PC and that works fine. There really isn't much to setting up the RSA if you are using GPIB. The RSA software has to be running on the instrument but other than that it just works for me. I don't know anything about the GPIBENET/100. I have no reasons to believe it wouldn't work. Can you try another GPIB adapter? Is there some configuration of the GPIBENET/100 that you are missing?

You can also use Ethernet to remote control the instrument too. Does that work?
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