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wave form monitor older tektronix 1710b HELP

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wave form monitor older tektronix 1710b HELP

Post by rick601a » August 3rd, 2011, 7:56 am

tektronix 1710B series wfm Serial # B022107 . Trying to isolate A Failure in the 40 volt supply going high and cycleing on an off. Need a schematic for the supply but cannot locate one on the older equipment list. Help. :(

Did do some further testing of the wfm. The voltages are labeled +15 -15 +5 and +40. So suspecting the switcher primary had A failure I tried provideing power to the points labeled. As I had nothing to loose anyhow And the Scope does operate. :D The currents apear to be ok as well so that leads to the primary area.
The switcher is produceing all the voltages just doing the cycleing thing. :? But i noted the 40 volt supply did go high in the cycle as much as 50 volts. I have checked all caps. And as well as all the transistors in the primary and diodes. My guess is that it leavs the opto and IC in that circut SG3524BN. As without A much needed schematic its A hard road. As just changeing parts never seams to fix things.
Also just A note the neon lamp located near the ac jack upper back of supply does oscolate. Not sure if this is normal or if this is A result of a fault.

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