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Date when product was discontinued?

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Mike B
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Date when product was discontinued?

Post by Mike B » September 10th, 2011, 9:04 am

Hello, Tek folks--

I am considering the purchase of a used Tek-2792 spectrum analyzer.

I am one of the thousands of folks who cannot afford buying a new
Tek spectrum analyzer for $15K to $90K and have no choice but to
acquire a vintage/legacy Tek instrument.

I have a Tek 495P Spectrum Analyzer with a very dim CRT.
The hour-meter shows only around 500 hours which is w-a-a-a-y
too soon for a CRT cathode to run out of emission. All CRT
set-up adjustments in the maintenance manual have been
performed and work as described. All low voltages look normal.

Any suggestions?

Has anyone come up with an LCD display retrofit such as has been
done for another major (un-named) manufacturer's vintage
spectrum analyzer products?

Any suggestions?

It would be nice, when considering the purchase of a used spectrum
analyzer, to know if you are looking at a 10-year-old instrument
and not a 25-year-old instrument. How can you find out when a
particular model was discontinued from sale?


Mike B
Gainesville/Micanopy, FL

Chris B
Tektronix Applications
Tektronix Applications
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Re: Date when product was discontinued?

Post by Chris B » September 12th, 2011, 7:10 am

Life Cycle for the 2792:
Introduction 1993
End of Production 1997
End of Full Support 2002

As for a CRT replacement, I have seen some LCD replacements for CRTs for some of the TDS series scopes from 3rd party vendors, but I have no idea how close these would be to matching the 2792.

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