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WFM7100 printing issues

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WFM7100 printing issues

Post by Livtech71 » January 31st, 2012, 7:36 am

Any help is much appreciated....so here goes - My company has multiple WFM7100's and recently determined a need to print screen images. After many unsuccessful attempts by different individuals to configure the settings, I am now resorting to this. The WFM7100's have:
"Sw Ver. 6.0.7, 01/05/11 15:09:33"
"Hardware Board Ver. 0.2"
"Waveform DSP FPGA Ver. 2.14"
"Display FPGA Ver. 2.26"
"Frontpanel Sw Ver. 0.3"
"Frontpanel Hw Ver. 0.4"

I have tried multiple known-good HP Laserjet USB printers(P2015dn/P2035n), the - manual(wfm610070007100_man) is not much help due to the fact that the -/displayed Menu interaction does not correlate to the software interface I see.
Here are some observations:
1) USB will operate with a flash drive(Mount/Unmount options) - 'Unmount' does not show when printer cable is attached(does NOT 'Mount' when manually attempted)
2) There are many Make/Model choices - Tried 'HP LaserJet II series'/'HP LaserJet IIP series'/'HP LaserJet series'
3) There are (16) 'USB Device #' choices - Tried all (16) individually(#14 does not exist) with each listed 'Make/Model' choice in #2

Will the installed WFM7100 printer driver options support the models listed? If not, what are my options and which current printers are supported? If so, what is going wrong and what is THE correct step-by-step configuration method?

Thank You

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