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Python and DSO interfacing

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omkar ugale
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Python and DSO interfacing

Post by omkar ugale » June 29th, 2016, 11:20 pm

I am using a python on PC and I want to create an interface between a python on PC and DSO. Do you have any specific tool that can support any of such application where I can create a user interface through which I can collect data from DSO and through script could process it. I can process the data on my own I just need help with interfacing a DSO with PC and collecting a data which I could process it using a python script. Please let me know.
Thank you !!

Dave W
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Tektronix Applications
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Re: Python and DSO interfacing

Post by Dave W » July 12th, 2016, 1:48 pm

Hi omkar,

To get started with Python and controlling instruments, I would recommend checking out the following video that was put together by one of our AEs.

Python Rapid Start

This will help you to get your Python setup and communicating with instruments. From there I would recommend checking out the Remote Communication Examples section of the forums for some examples on how to control the scope with Python. You can find those examples at the following URL.


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