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How to configure scope for burst time mesurement

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How to configure scope for burst time mesurement

Post by jaime_g » October 18th, 2016, 2:32 pm

An MDO3014 scope is being used to measure the burst generated when a 1 Amp controller output it shorted using an electronic load.
The scope screen is enclosed.

The signal burst width needs to be measured between the 10% level of the signal rise and the 90% level of the signal rise. A second required measurement needs to be performed from the 1A level to the peak of the signal.

I tried using the MEASU:MEAS1:TYPE BURST and the MEASU:MEAS1:TYPE PWIDTH commands but will not measure the correct amount of time.

Any ideas on how to configure the MDO3014 to measure this complicated waveform?


Jaime Arevalo
Burst signal.png
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Will D
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Tektronix Applications
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Re: How to configure scope for burst time mesurement

Post by Will D » October 21st, 2016, 4:10 pm

Hi James,

I believe I've put together a way to make your measurements. I'll explain it via the front panel first, then state the relevant commands.

First, the measurement you want to make is "Rise Time" for both measurements. You can see this and other measurements via Measure > Add Measurement > Measurement Type. There are some other customization options which you should browse via the More menu here. The one that is most relevant is Reference Levels (gating is an interesting one as well). You can set the Reference levels to 10% and 90%, or to some other percentages or absolute units. 10% to 90% is the default. For your second measurement, you will probably want to set low ref to 1A and high ref to some expected peak value. The customization option will impact all of your Rise Time measurements, so you will have to take one measurement, change the settings, then the other. If you want both measurements to be done on the same acquisition, take a single acquisition (eg. the Single button) and then do the measurements.

Here's the relevant commands

You can read about the difference between Measu:meas and Measu:immed here.

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