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Slow waveform transfer from TDS7154B

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Slow waveform transfer from TDS7154B

Post by zmitchell » June 5th, 2020, 9:42 am

It appears that no matter the encoding or the number of points transferred, transferring a curve from the oscilloscope to the computer has a ~0.5s overhead. Here is a simple example program to see how I'm doing the transfer.

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import pyvisa

scope = pyvisa.ResourceManager().open_resource("TCPIP::,1::INSTR")
scope.timeout = 1000
scope.write(f"data:source ch1")
scope.write("data:encdg ascii")
scope.write("data:start 1")
scope.write(f"data:stop 500")
digitizer_levels = scope.query_ascii_values("curve?", container=np.array)
Is this normal? Is there some setting that I'm missing? Even when I change the resolution such that the length of the waveform is 250k points (and I changed data:stop as well), the time is roughly the same.

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