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TBS1102B programming

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TBS1102B programming

Post by dph3dg » January 27th, 2021, 12:08 am

I'm changing from an old LeCroy and would prefer if I didn't have to change the logic of my old programs too much. From the data sheet on the TBS1102B it's not too clear what setting etc I can do.
My old program was using NI-VISA from Python. The setup the triggering EXT lvl, timebase, voltage etc were done.
Then I set up auto measuring to give the peak height. The LeCroy was slow for transferring so I filled the memory (100 measurements at 1kHz) then transferred the peak heights back to the computer rather than the waveform, and carried on until I had 500 data points. Moved my translation stages, then took more triggered samples from the scope. Can I do that kind of thing with the TBS1102B?


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