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RSA306B not connecting

Posted: September 18th, 2020, 2:27 am
by MarcSch
Hi everyone,

I've been using the Tektronix RSA306B with SignalVu-PC before, but recently the device won't connect.
I get the following error in SignalVu: "Device failed to connect as USB3.0"

I am sure the USB controller driver is up to date. Tektronix RSA306 appears in the Universal Serial bus controllers (as USB3.0). For this device properties, the last USB Event is Device started (RSA3USB3).

The thing is the LED never goes green on the RSA306B as I could read somewhere else. Furthermore, when SignalVu launches, the classic windows "disconnect" sound is played (every time I press the connect button in SignalVu it does it).

I already tried with other USB ports and the same behavior happens.

I am using

Does anyone know a fix or have an idea on how to solve this one ?

Thanks in advance and have a great day.