differential conductance using 6221 and 2182A nanovoltmeter

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differential conductance using 6221 and 2182A nanovoltmeter

Post by Sujanbdh » September 19th, 2016, 5:17 pm

Hi, is there anyone working with keithleys 6221 and 2182A nanovoltmeter to measure the differential conductance. I am communicating with the devices using GPIB and not RS-232 cable. While i take the measurements using my code, i see the voltage read by the voltmeter is little off than the voltage read using keithleys software. why is it happening? The difference is not that big. i list the problems here.
1) my voltage reading are little off for the same current when i compare the results from keithleys software
2) is zeroing of the voltmeter necessary. if so, how can i do that? i have been using relative function but it didn't help.
3) what voltage shall i take to plot the differential conductance? at present i am using the average of the voltages (which i used to find the delta voltage), is that good enough?

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