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Tek 465 long term storage to operational??

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Tek 465 long term storage to operational??

Post by RyanCaleb » September 14th, 2017, 6:37 am


I have been refurb/repair old tube radios for some time but haven't been able to work on any for about 9-10 years due to job constraints. Mostly working fab 5 sets and a lot of halicrafters,  (S-19, S20, S22, S38-a-b-c, don't care much for the looks of the d or e variation)  The Tek 465 I've been using for the projects has been sitting idle for almost 10 years.  Other scope, Hitachi v-212 also sat same period.

Hitachi, all I did was plug her in and "Light the Fires" and all was good.  No problems what-so-ever. Never even blinked.  Hitachi never was finicky.

The tek 465 I feel might be a little different.

I have a variac but a person told me it is not good to bring a scope up on a variac.  Something about maybe throwing out the amp circuits and also the calibration.
Would it be wise just to power it up normally?

Would hate to damage it. It has been a very good scope for me for over 22 years.

Bought a Siglent SDS1202X-E 2 weeks ago with the EEVblog discount from SAELIG, (Thanks tautech and SAELIG) to help me get out of the stone-age, but I worry about my 465.

Any suggestions will be thankful and considered

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