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310A HV rectifiers

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Paul Galpin
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310A HV rectifiers

Post by Paul Galpin » December 30th, 2018, 4:31 am

I have a 310A Scope, nice little job, but I want to update it as far as possible. The 12 LV rectifiers are fine, but I have seen, somewhere on the internet, a 310A with solid-state diodes for the 1.65kV tube supply.
Can I find that image now - NO!

First question - is this a genuine Tektronix mod? My 310A manual doesn't show it, but maybe it's in a later edition.
Second question - what rectifiers are those? Would a simple uWave oven diode work?

I'm interested in other peoples' opinions on restoration and mods. For instance, If I remove the three -150V electrolytics and replace them with a newer, smaller version, there would be room for a fan, to keep the whole machine a bit cooler. But then is it a real 310A?

Also, has anybody tried the total wash method of cleaning, with or without the mains transformer being removed?


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