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Post by andy3055 » July 31st, 2019, 11:29 am

Hello All,

I have an old 465 M scope that I bought a while back. Recently I started using it and it worked without any hitch until one night I forgot to switch it off. Now there is no trace and the fuse F558 keeps blowing: Figure FO-9 CRT and Z axis schematic. I have checked the nearby components -in circuit- and do not see anything that has failed. Could it be the transformer T550 failed due to heat build up? How could it be checked and is there a spare parts supplier for these?

For an old scope of this age, it works beautifully and I hate to junk it as it serves my limited work on old equipment and would not justify spending on a new/expensive unit at a time I cannot afford while retired!

Thanks for any input anyone can provide.


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