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AFG1022 never accepts Ext Ref at boot

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AFG1022 never accepts Ext Ref at boot

Post by attoamp » February 21st, 2020, 5:31 pm

I have a GPSDO OCXO running in the lab, outputting a 10MHz 3.3VPP signal to the back of my AFG1022

The AFG1022 will use this reference if I go into Utilities and change the Reference from Internal to External.

However-- every time I start the AFG1022 I receive the following error: 'No valid external clock detected'. Then I have to manually go into Utilities and change the reference setting to External and then it works normally.

My unit is running the latest 1.2.4 firmware. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I believe it may be a bug in the firmware, it is very annoying.

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