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offline signal processing

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offline signal processing

Post by johnken » February 25th, 2020, 5:39 pm

I am working on offline signal processing for DMT signal(similar to OFDM). For simplicity, I have sent a DMT signal from MATLAB(18432 samples) to AWG and AWG is connected to DPO71604. From the scope waveform, I have obtained/acquired data(25000 samples) which covers only a portion of input DMT signal?
In the next step, I will modulate and LED with the above DMT signal (from AWG) and detect it at the receiver. This requires synchronization and estimation for BER calibration. Since only a part of the DMT signal is acquirable, will this be a problem for signal recovery and calibration?

Right now, the signal detected from photo receiver module is unidentifiable due to noise and hence I could not find out what portion of the input signal is obtained after photo detection.
Can anyone help me on how to proceed for filtering and BER calibration?

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