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Best of Tektronix Lot?

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Best of Tektronix Lot?

Post by viniebenet3 » April 8th, 2020, 6:33 pm

Tektronix 5440 Oscilloscope $119.00

Tektronix 465 100 MHz Oscilloscope, $159.00

Tektronix 2215A 60 MHz Oscilloscope, $159.00

Tektronix/Telequipment D75 50 MHz Oscilloscope, $129.00

B&K 2120 20 MHz Oscilloscope, $119.00

Getting my first oscilloscope :) I was thinking the 465 would be a good choice, maybe I'm missing something though! I'm creating an analogue synthesizer and will be using this scope for it!

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Re: Best of Tektronix Lot?

Post by tvellc » April 9th, 2020, 2:40 pm

I own a Tektronix 465B and it is a great machine and works well on analog applications. However, the 2215 is newer and just as durable. I own a 2265 (300 Mhz) of the same vintage as the 2215 and it is my primary analog oscilloscope. I would also not recommend anything under 50 MHz, you will regret it if you find yourself needing some higher bandwidth for other applications. These analog scopes were made to last and my experience is they do. I have owned 5 Tektronix analog scopes, still have 3, and have been amazed at their accuracy after 30+ years of service.

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Re: Best of Tektronix Lot?

Post by Kiriakos » April 12th, 2020, 5:42 am

There is no BEST ... at buying products not in production any more.
Tek has active the most unreasonable product support policies in the entire Europe.

I got a used DMM4050 this be 2013 production, now I can not buy even the plastic handle of it.
This is actually re-branded FLK 8846A, and so after EU lock-down end, I will order from FLUKE distributor a new rubber keys pad among with a plastic handle.

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