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Reject system voltage noise

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Reject system voltage noise

Post by dressler6 » April 29th, 2020, 8:34 am

I want to measure a ripple (or peak) voltage of several mV with an oscilloscope (product name DPO7104) and differential active probe (product name P6247). A TPA-BNC adapter was required to connect the P6247 to the DPO7104.

To check the default voltage noise, the probe's (+) pin and (-) pin were connected to ground. However, even with X1 attenuation, 5mV of unknown voltage noise occurs as shown in the figure. Please tell me how to reject this noise. (the AC coupled option cannot be used.)
The attached figure has an offset voltage of 972mV. As explained above, even if ground is connected, the same waveform is output as shown in the figure.

The figure shows a 2us/DIV measurement, but even at 50ns/DIV, a 5mV noise waveform still occurs. And in the figure, the offset voltage is 982mV, so please think that it is 0V.

Acquisition: Hi-res
Attenuation: 1: 1
1mV/DIV & 50ns/DIV or 1mV/DIV & 2us/DIV
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Re: Reject system voltage noise

Post by Kiriakos » November 11th, 2020, 11:58 pm

When you are up to measure a ripple (or peak) voltage, by using a programmable DC Load, noise generation happens from programmable DC Load it self.

If you are up to evaluate voltage noise under load, you should use resistive load all times.

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