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LabView synchronize Keithley DMM6500 with NI DAQ 6210

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LabView synchronize Keithley DMM6500 with NI DAQ 6210

Post by Isacco92 » July 1st, 2020, 11:05 pm

Dearl all,
i'm planning to set up a data acquisition system involving two different instruments with LabView 2019. The DMM6500 is used in combination with the 2001TC SCAN card to allow an accurate temperature readings with TC type-S. The NI 6210 is used to acquire two alternate voltages with a sampling rate of 200 kS/s.
NI instruments are easy to configure thanks to the DAQmx labview driver and the two channels can be synchronized easily by running both channel scan in the same task.
How i can use the instrument driver of the DMM6500 in labview in order to synchronize the temperature readings with the two voltages acquisition?
In particular i have some problem as for the DMM6500 there isn't any timing subVI in labview.

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