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TDDB using Keithley 4200

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TDDB using Keithley 4200

Post by IssueHo » July 28th, 2020, 10:59 pm

Is there a built-in library for TDDB test using Keithley 4200 with Kite or Clarius?
The test should include
1) fixed time voltage stress for a given duration
2) frequent leakage verification at use condition
3) failure detection during stress and during leakage check.
4) The program should record stress current and use-condition leakage current vs time.
5) the program should be capable of 10,000 sec max guard time (stop test after guard time if breakdown of oxide is not detected)

I tried "sampling" feature and subsite feature. The former lacks the leakage check ability. The later has can only stress for a max of 128 times, leading to a short total stress time (~130 sec at 1 sec per stress).
Would someone kindly create a sample program so I can copy and modify from there. Thanks.

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