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MDO4054C, Screen Capture, USB interface

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MDO4054C, Screen Capture, USB interface

Post by Oleg_VE » October 19th, 2020, 4:09 am

Please tell me - how can I load screen capture from the MDO4054C into my program?
I read the waveform like this (converted the Tektronix example from C):

viOpen(RM, 'USB0::0x0699::0x0456::B020828::0::INSTR', VI_NULL, VI_NULL, @vi);

for i: = 0 to elements do
viRead (vi, @ (buff [1]), 1, @RetCount);
... Saving to the i-th element of the array ...

Let's just say: I load screen capture into an array, as above, then the array into a stream, and from a stream into TBitmap, etc.

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