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TLA5204B capturing and exporting

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TLA5204B capturing and exporting

Post by eduaqa » December 23rd, 2020, 10:29 am

I'm wondering if is possible capture digital signals using the TLA5204B, and them export information to a .csv file to import on Pulseview to use the decoder existing on pulse view ... I did some using fluke 190-204, but i had 2 problem with that, 1) it export as analog waveforms, so, i have to first replace the voltages exported with 0 or 1, this not big deal, 2) this is more complicated, I was only able to capture a few frames, and I would like capture at least 1 minute on frequencies about 100Mhz

Does anybody has any idea if possible?

The reason that I'm looking for this is because I have some Saleae Logic 16 and also chinese clones, but they go good up to 1mhz, after that they a not so accurate (probably because with the probes)

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